Xcode Tips – Keyboard shortcuts to make your life a bit easier


What follows is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Xcode that will hopefully make your life a little bit easier while coding. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every Xcode keyboard shortcut, rather a list that helps me during day to day development, and hopefully others will find it useful. I will be adding to the list as and when I find something else useful.

Switch between open windows: CMD + ` 

Switch between open tabs: CMD + SHIFT + } or CMD + SHIFT + {

Go to a line of code: CMD + L

Indent/outdent a section of code: CMD + ] or CMD + [

Show/hide the debug area (bottom pane): CMD + SHIFT + Y

Show/hide utilities (right hand pane): CMD + OPT + 0

Show/hide the navigator (left hand pane): CMD + 0

Show the Assistant: CMD + OPT + ENTER

Hide the Assistant: CMD + ENTER

Open Quickly Dialog: CMD + SHIFT + o

Search in the file: CMD + F

Search and Replace in the file: CMD + OPT + F

Search in the project: CMD + SHIFT + F

Search and Replace in the project: CMD + OPT + SHIFT + F

Switch between header/implementation files: CTRL + CMD + up/down

Comment/Uncomment a section of code: CMD + /

OPT + click on a symbol to see info about that symbol

OPT + double click on a symbol to go to the documentation

CMD + click on a symbol to go to that symbol’s declaration

That’s it for now. Check back as I will be adding to this list.

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