Xcode Tips – Keyboard shortcuts to make your life a bit easier


What follows is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Xcode that will hopefully make your life a little bit easier while coding. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every Xcode keyboard shortcut, rather a list that helps me during day to day development, and hopefully others will find it useful. I will be adding to the list as and when I find something else useful.

Switch between open windows: CMD + ` 

Switch between open tabs: CMD + SHIFT + } or CMD + SHIFT + {

Go to a line of code: CMD + L

Indent/outdent a section of code: CMD + ] or CMD + [

Show/hide the debug area (bottom pane): CMD + SHIFT + Y

Show/hide utilities (right hand pane): CMD + OPT + 0

Show/hide the navigator (left hand pane): CMD + 0

Show the Assistant: CMD + OPT + ENTER

Hide the Assistant: CMD + ENTER

Open Quickly Dialog: CMD + SHIFT + o

Search in the file: CMD + F

Search and Replace in the file: CMD + OPT + F

Search in the project: CMD + SHIFT + F

Search and Replace in the project: CMD + OPT + SHIFT + F

Switch between header/implementation files: CTRL + CMD + up/down

Comment/Uncomment a section of code: CMD + /

OPT + click on a symbol to see info about that symbol

OPT + double click on a symbol to go to the documentation

CMD + click on a symbol to go to that symbol’s declaration

That’s it for now. Check back as I will be adding to this list.

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OSX Tips – Turn off the software update schedule from the command line

Software-UpdateBy default OSX’s Software Update is scheduled to check for updates at a given interval and notify you when there are updates waiting to be installed. You can turn off checking for Software Updates from the command line.

To disable use the following command:

sudo softwareupdate --schedule off

and turn it back on again with the following:

sudo softwareupdate --schedule on
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